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Looking to buy CBD oil in Pleasant Hills? Wanting to have your questions answered and gain knowledge about how CBD can be beneficial to your health and wellness? At CBD Wellness Store, we take pride in carrying only premium grade CBD products and take the time to consult with every customer. We are so confident in our industry leading CBD product lines that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee on every product. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable and our spa-like store is relaxing and comfortable. Many Pleasant Hills residents now make it a routine to get premium CBD oil from the CBD Wellness Store located just 5.3miles away in Bethel Park. 


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Superior Products – The Production Process

Our careful selection process goes behind the choosing of ingredients we use in our CBD products. First, we start with a proprietary stain of hemp that is carefully farmed using sustainable techniques and cultivated on US-soil. Our farms follow best practice processes in producing a superior harvest of natural, organic hemp. Our extraction process removes all THC and impurities; while preserving all of the beneficial cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. This composition is what makes CBD Wellness Store products stand out from the competition. 


Product testing

To create products that our customers can trust, all extracted hemp oil is submitted to a third-party lab for thorough testing. They certify that pesticides, solvents, heavy metals, mold, and THC are not present. Upon successful compliance with purity standards, a certification of Quality Assurance is issued and the product moves to the processing and packaging stage. Lab reports are available to the customer by scanning the QR code (with smart phone) of each container and referencing the corresponding batch number. 


Advanced Technology

Our nano-emulsion technology reduces the size of our hemp oil particulates to nano-sized and provides greater absorption by the human body. This makes our broad-spectrum CBD oil the most bioavailable on the market. Enhanced bioavailability means greater efficacy and longer lasting results. 


Customer Service & Satisfaction

We pride ourselves in delivering exceptional customer service to all CBD Wellness Store customers. We are dedicated to providing education and consulting necessary to inform and empower each customer to select the best CBD products. We also offer a 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you feel you are not receiving the desired results, simply return the product with your receipt for a full refund.


Premium Grade CBD Products We Carry

Tincture Oil: this pure hemp extract is taken orally and comes in various flavors and strength: lemon, orange and mint flavors. Available in 450 mg, 900 mg, 1350 mg strengths. 


Salves / Balms: a topical cream meant for direct application on target areas. Available in 1 oz – 500 mg size or 2 oz – 1000 mg size.


Soft-gels: come in the form of small easy to swallow gel capsules. Available in Everyday Formula (10 mg or 25 mg per serving), CBD + Curcumin for muscle-joint relief (25 mg per serving) and CBD + Melatonin for sleep (25 mg per serving).


Gummies: a tasty treat that travels well in a delicious Stawberry-Lemonade and Green Apple Flavors. Each gummie contains 10 mg of CBD with a total of 30 in a bottle.


Pet Products: veterinarian formulated CBD products that provide the same benefits to our best friends as humans receive. We have two products in this category: 500 mg tincture oil (for cats, dogs, & more) and 25 mg beef flavored CBD treats for dogs.


Other Products: CBD Chocolates, Energy Drink Mix, CBD Face Mask, CBD Night Cream


We are eager to have residence of Pleasant Hills, PA, visit our store that is just 5.3 miles away in Bethel Park and experience the CBD Wellness Store difference. You can also call us at 724-473-5134 to place an order over the phone or place orders via our on-line store. Contact us today to see how premium CBD products can make a positive difference in your family and pet’s lives!