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Our 6 step process for creating the highest quality CBD

Step 1: Advanced - Organic Farming

Every CBD Wellness Store product starts with our proprietary strain of organic hemp that is USA grown and sustainably farmed in nutrient-rich Colorado soil.

Our partner farm uses advanced farming techniques and operates under regulated guidelines to produce safe, natural, pesticide-free crops. This results in consistent, high quality yields with a potent CBD profile. This is the difference that makes CBD Wellness Store products premium grade.

Step 2: Harvest and Processing

Harvested hemp crops are appropriately dried, shucked (removing all seeds, husks, fiber), milled and sent to our climate-controlled storage and manufacturing facility (temperature, humidity) in Colorado. The stored raw hemp called bio-mass then awaits the next step of extraction.

Step 3: Scientifically Advanced Extraction

By using a scientifically advanced extraction process, vital cannabinoids are separated from the bio-mass including cannabidiol (CBD), flavonoids and terpenes. Unwanted compounds are also removed from the oil such as waxes, plant solids, and chlorophyll.

This proprietary extraction process is performed adhering to the highest manufacturing standards in our partner’s cGMP certified facility. This advanced process and capability produces a premium quality CBD oil that is differentiated from others in the industry.

Step 4: THC Elimination

To create premium broad spectrum CBD products, all THC naturally occurring in the plant (~.3%) must be removed. To accomplish this, we utilize a proprietary chromatography methodology which allows us to remove all THC, chlorophyll, waxes, and plant pigments. Customers can scan the QR codes on the bottle to see that no detectable THC is contained in our products.

Step 5: Certified 3rd Party Laboratory Testing

Before any product can leave our manufacturing facility they are rigorously tested by a certified third party laboratory. Each batch goes through comprehensive testing to verify

1) Potency (confirming that what’s on the label matches exactly what’s in the bottle ),

2) Unwanted 3rd Party compounds are not present (yeast, mold, E. coli, pesticides, and heavy metals such as mercury, lead, arsenic, and cadmium.

We aspire to formulate our products with organic ingredients whenever possible to produce the purest and best CBD products on the market!

Step 6: Nanoemulsion Technology

An additional processing step is performed for all of our softgel and water soluble products (dog treats and energy mix). We utilize a proprietary process to transforms our raw hemp oil into nano-sized emulsions. This process enables our sofgels to deliver 200% greater bioavailability (body absorption) than competitive CBD oils.

Our hemp oil particles are just 25 nanometers in size as compared to competitive products that can range from 150 to 5000 nanometers. This proprietary process makes our products the most bioavailable on the market. The result is that you absorb more and feel better faster.

Body Absorption
  • With advanced farming, extraction and nanoemulsion technology, CBD Wellness Store delivers Superior Results!

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