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With its rolling hills, scenic landscapes, and down-home feel, Finleyville PA is a beautiful western Pennsylvania town. Finleyville is also the home to Trax Farms that was established in 1865 and has been a Pittsburgh must stop destination for fresh, healthy, home-grown produce for over 150 years. Many customers that enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables are also now seeking the health benefits of high-quality CBD products. If you want to buy premium, pure, USA-grown CBD products in Finleyville, look no further than the CBD Wellness Store. Just 8 miles away down Library road to Bethel Park, we are here to answer your CBD questions and offer free samples of our CBD oils, gummies, and salve cream.


CBD Oil in Finleyville, PA

At CBD Wellness Store, we are passionate about CBD and the amazing impact it can have on helping customers meet their health and wellness goals. We know that consumers have a choice when purchasing CBD products and have established partnerships with the best farms and manufacturers to create CBD products that people can trust! Here’s what makes us different:



 Our products start with a proprietary strain of phytocannabinoid rich hemp (high in CBD content) that is cultivated under strict US regulations using clean water, fertile soil and sustainable farming techniques. The crop is organically grown (free of pesticides) and we only use the plant flower and leaves to create our premium hemp extract. This is the foundation for making superior CBD products.


Manufacturing & 3rd Party Testing


  • Our GMP certified manufacturing process separates plant compounds by retaining desirable cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, CBN, terpenes and removing undesirable compounds such as THC, chlorophyll and waxes.      Although .3% THC is allowed by law, our proprietary process produces an      exceptional product that is pure and free of THC. 
  • Every batch of our hemp extracts are fully tested and certified to be by an independent 3rd party laboratory. Each product is labeled with a QR code that provides access to lab reports that certify correct level of CBD are contained; while undesirable compounds such as THC, solvents, pesticides, molds, and metals are not present. 


Product Variety

· We stock a wide range of CBD products at the CBD Wellness Store to suit each customers’ unique wellness requirements. Although all of our products contain premium hemp extract, the different forms can be beneficial in different ways. For example, the positive effects from our soft-gel pills last longer in the body; while our CBD oils act faster. The CBD Wellness Store staff is trained to help educate our customers on selecting the best products to address their concerns. Some of our most popular CBD products include: CBD oil, CBD soft-gels, CBD salve / balms, CBD gummies and CBD pet products.


Customer Satisfaction

We realize that the success of our business is entirely dependent on customer satisfaction. That is why we have built a strong value system and operate our business around clear lines of passion, integrity and family values. When you visit our store in Bethel Park, you will receive personalized, free consultation before making any purchase. We prioritize understanding the context of our customers so that we can recommend the best products. We provide comprehensive information, guidance, and tips on all of our CBD products and CBD in general. We also advise customers on product serving size, and frequency of usage that will provide the best results. All products are then backed by a 30-day money back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction.

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